RTPatch® Evaluation, Support and Licensing

Pocket Soft has 24 years of experience in industries where efficient software updating is a business necessity. Our experience saves you time and money. See some of our Customers.

Our goal is to provide a working installation that meets your requirements.

With our direct support, you select from the available options to configure the system. No code changes or customizations are necessary at this point.

Modification and Additions
If needed, we add new features and support for new platforms including non-standard and proprietary operating systems. Modifications are generally added to the base product to avoid the expenses and problems associated with release dependency.

Source Code
Source code for the target (device) resident portion of RTPatch is provided at no additional cost.

Technical support is provided by the developers who write the RTPatch code.

We understand that one size does not fit all. Our license terms are flexible. We can customize a license plan to fit both your technical needs as well as your business objectives.